SPM Chemistry 2016 Paper 1 Answers

Thanks to Edward of SMTBM for the quick sharing of answers. 

Good luck in your next paper.

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  1. Thanks but I had finished all my papers. :)

  2. Can I ask why 41 answer is B?The chemical formula of vinegar is CH3COOH.The product between vinegar and calcium carbonate is (CH3COO)2Ca+CO2+H2O.Soap will form scum in the presence of calcim ion.

    1. calcium carbonate is an insoluble salt,we cannot wash it with soap unless you scratch it.We use vineger to react and produce soluble (CH3COO)2Ca.From the question,“in order to remove the white layer”,so don't think too much about which is suitable to wash with soap.

  3. For number 23, the question ask which of the following will produce the least gas bubbles. If copper we to react HCl, well, they be no reaction and therefore no bubbles. I guess my overall question is : Is no gas bubbles considered as least gas bubbles?

  4. Why is no.23 B? Copper is lower than hydrogen in ecs. Thus it cannot displace hydrogen and no reaction occur isn't?

  5. No, HCl acid does not react with copper. Only those metals whose standard reduction potentials are lower than that of hydrogen react with non-oxidising acids like HCl and dil.H2SO4, and displace hydrogen from them. Copper has higher reduction potential (more positive) than hydrogen, and it does not react with HCl acid.

  6. Sir can i get spm 2016 answer scheme for mathematics,physics,biology and chemistry.