Chemistry Spotted Questions - SPM 2010

updated till 15 Nov 2010... more updates coming

If you want to score A+ for Chemistry, stick to hardcore revising and doing more questions. The spotted questions can only help you focus and realign your study topics :) .... but so far the previous years, our spotted questions were quite accurate, hopefully this year will be the same. All the best!!!
Chemistry Tips SPM 2010
Paper 2Structured Questions
Q1. Glass, Haber Process, Prepare Soap ad DetergentQ2. Atoms, Isotopes, Electrons, Group 1 + WaterQ3(I). Electrolysis Concentration, Voltaic Cell with Half EquationsQ3(II) Neutralisation, calculation + pH with different solventQ4. Insoluble Salt, Zinc Carbonate (Heating and Producing), apparatusQ5. Redox – Displacement of halides, Testing of Br2,I2,Cl2, U-tubeQ6(I). Carbon Compound-esterification, dehydration,Q6(II) … More updates soon???
Q7(I). Build ECS, Concentration of Solution
Q7(II) Percentage of Composition, Experiment Empirical Formula, Compare and Calculate
Q8. Heat of Combustion, lab Experiment, Calculations
Q9. Dilution, Lab experiment, calculations
Q10. Rate of Reaction, Sodium thioshulpate with HCL or H2O2, Collision Theory, Compare
Paper 3Q1. Group 1 + oxygen gas, reactivityQ2 (I) Rusting of iron in contact with other metalsQ2 (II) Rate of reaction (Temperature or TSA)Q2 (III) …. Update soon???
mr sai mun physics tips coming soon :)
more than 80% accurate tips in 2008, some of the comments by students

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  1. hope that all the predictions are 100% accurate. Thanks!