Physics Spotted Questions - SPM 2010

updated till 18 Nov 2010
Paper 2
Structured Questions

Q1. Barton’s Pendulum, Resonance, Length
Q2. Impulsive Force, Acceleration, Weight-Inclined Plane
Q3. Gas Laws, P&V or P&T, sketch graphs
Q4. Bunsen Burner, Bernoulli’s Principle,
Q5(I). Lens and Concave mirror, short or long sighted
Q5(II). Water waves, wave pattern, calculation
Q6. Resistance, Thickness of wire, draw circuit
Q7. Deflection Tube, CRO, take reading,
Q8. Half life, Radioactive, detection, deflection by Electric field
Q8. … more updates soon
Q9. Hydraulics, Pascal, modifications
Q10. Doping, rectification, transistor, LDR,
Q11. Electromagnetic Induction, DC Generator, Lenz Law
Q12(I). House wiring system, fuse, compare parallel or series
Q12(II). Optical devices, microscopes, mirrors at bend road.
Paper 3 Q1(I). Interference Light or Sound, measure, draw graph
Q1(II). Focal point of convex lens, measure, draw graph
Q2(I). Graph of Pressure vs height/Volume, gradient
Q2(II). Graph of sin i vs sin r, gradient, formula
Q3a. Gas Laws (1 of the 3)
Q3b. Resistance and length of wire

more updates soon ...

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