State Trial Papers SPM 2010

Finally the states trial papers has been printed out and compiled into a booklet. Thanks to the generous teachers and students who are most willing to share for the benefits of the SPM 2010 candidates, this year there are more states for each subjects. I've compiled for Chemistry, Physics, Add Math and Biology 2010 and completed with marking schemes.
These booklets are not for profit.

completed with full marking schemes

list of states in the booklet

one of the states chemistry paper 3 marking scheme,
so you'll understand how they'll mark your SPM papers,
strict but fair

I've left 2 sets of the booklet above which includes Chemistry, Physics, Add Math and Biology at

For students of Other States: you can call Mr Yap from KeNi Printshop. He has agreed to print and sent out to other states for a small fee. Please sms/call to 017 349 1512

Both photocopy shop is only charging 4 to 5 sens per page, so Chemisty is RM18, Physics is RM18, Add Math is RM14 and Biology is RM17. If your friends or anyone else are asking you to pay higher than these prices, they are trying to make a profit, so please get directly from these photocopy shops.

all the best in SPM 2010

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  1. i'm from perak kampar..i would like to buy the can i order???

  2. im from kampar perak..i would like to order the books but how?

  3. Hi Mr Sai Mun, I'm SPM candidate on 2011, I wish you could make these books next year