SPM 2008 Chemistry TIPS more than 82% Accurate

Congratulations to for those who have finished their SPM Chemistry 2008. You must have been smiling all the way from Paper 1 to Paper 3. Maybe some even left the hall 45 minutes earlier.
You can check the updates for Chemistry Tips 2008 below.

Make sure you check back for the updated SPM Physics Tips 2008 24 hours before the paper.

Here are some comments received from the chatbox. Thank you! You R Most Welcome!

21 Nov 08, 10:36dew91: bob marley..just trust it..coz 4 chem..it all out..if you study based on the tips..you surely can answer the question too..

21 Nov 08, 00:13
BOB MARLEY: THank you very much but how many % I can trust on physics?

20 Nov 08, 20:59Jac: Mr sai mun thanks for your tips. do you have biology tips as well?

20 Nov 08, 20:32
zxen: thank you

20 Nov 08, 20:17
Human: OMG .... I shouldcome here yesterday.. hope physics will come out too .. do u have any Bio tips?

20 Nov 08, 19:11
747: this is my first time here. and omg the chemistry! almost all are out. thank you for the physics tips =D i need them as guidelines.

20 Nov 08, 18:58
yin: Thanks Mr SaiMun...i managed to answer the question.I feel so happy when i m sitting the exam.I have confidence that i will get an A for my chemistry..THANKS!!!

20 Nov 08, 18:28
f-one-r: thank you so much about 80% of your tips hit the question anyway~ and it really helping me alot... huhu..

20 Nov 08, 18:27
f-one-r: maybe dou dont know me and i also dunno you.. but i found this chemistry tips a night before the exam started and i study like my life is depend on it based on your tips..

20 Nov 08, 18:27
james: thx very much for your tips sir.I hope physics tips are as good as this too!!!

20 Nov 08, 18:14
reyae: lol the tips r so good..thanks mr sai mun..i hope it'll be the same as physics!

20 Nov 08, 17:34
iyyiii: thx for ya tips...do u hv biology??thx...

20 Nov 08, 16:46
dew91: yeaa...i can answer all my chem paper..this tips are excellent..

20 Nov 08, 16:35
Y.Y: thx ya.for the tips its help a lot..got 70% above is correct..really thax la!

20 Nov 08, 16:22
student: thank you very much mr.sai mun, i might not know you but you are really helped me on chem. thank you so much!!

Ok.. start preparing for your Biology and Physics Paper... All the best
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  1. Tq so much Sir....thiz was so helpful..