SPM Science 2015 Paper 1 Answers

after many requests, finally we manage to receive the question paper from student Aq Sha and we quickly find the answers to the paper. Thank you to the student mentioned above. 

Science SPM Paper 1 Sains Kertas 1 SPM 2015 was quite direct with minimal tricky questions. Its more to 'if you memorise it, you know it'. Thanks for the effort of the setter to test the biology, physics and chemistry concept on a fair basis. 

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  1. The answer you gave for no.4 is wrong.Its actually d.

  2. the insulating covering that surrounds an axon with multiple spiral layers of myelin, that is discontinuous at the nodes of Ranvier, and that increases the speed at which a nerve impulse can travel along an axon—called also medullary sheath.

  3. 14 is D. A is a chemical change.