Why Homeschools May Be Better For Your Children

It is undeniable that there are a lot more home-schools or alternative schools now when than there were 20 years ago. This is a phenomenon that cannot be overlooked because parents seem more inclined to send their children to these schools as compared to traditional education; be it public, private or international schools. To understand why this is happening, we must first understand why parents perceive home-schools or alternative schools as a better option.
Source: euler.edu.my

1. Student Ratio
The class size and teacher-to-student ratio is definitely one of the main concerns for parents because they want what is best for their children. The smaller the class size, the more individual attention teachers can pay to their students, and thus students may show larger improvement and development in academics and in character. 

2. Character Building Activities
Schools tend to focus more on academic achievements of students, which may put them at a disadvantage when it comes to being ready to tackle challenges they may face in the 21st century. Most activities are carefully planned to be at the end of the semester so that disruption to studies are impacted minimally. 
Source: euler.edu.my

On the other hand, home-schools place an equal emphasis on academics and character building. Development of soft skills occur throughout the semester/term in the form of non-academic related activities such as bowling, baking, ice-skating and more. Through these activities, students not only develop skills on how to learn, but can also better communicate, collaborate and connect, building them up to be all-rounded and holistic individuals. 

3. Academics 
Compared to the traditional spoon-feeding employed by most schools, home-schools or alternative schools adopt a different approach by encouraging students to empower themselves with the latest technology. Self-learning methods are relevant because it promotes independence and critical thinking. 

4. Others 
There can be a plethora of other reasons why parents prefer home-schools or alternative schools, and why some even quit their current schools. Some of the notable factors include: 
  • The flexibility afforded to both parents and students in terms of subjects offered, and also the choice to partake in different activities. 
  • Quality of teachers, and the delivery of content
  • Quality of peers, because bad company will corrupt good character 
  • Issues faced by students previously, e.g. bullying

There are a lot more reasons why home-schools are preferred, or even the other way around. Before making a decision, parents should discuss with their children to ensure that both parties come to a mutual agreement because children have their own opinions and their voices need to be heard as well.

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