Astro Shooting for SPM Top Tutor Physics

Got a Call from Astro

Got a call from Astro SPM Top Tutor Physics, Channel 603. They wanted to do a series on SPM Physics, the series is to focus on the theories and to discuss some of the popular questions. Most of you have seen the series with animated cartoon character but this series they will replace the cartoon character with actual teachers like me. The visual animation will be at the side making in much more impressive and definitely more convincing. 

Putrina from Love Child Production gave me a called about 2 weeks before the video shoot, which means in  2 weeks or less i have to come out with the outline, the script and the physics questions. Very challenging indeed. Its not my first time on TV but its definitely my first time teaching on TV, or errmm.. to be more accurate in front of a camera. 

Astro Top Tutor TV Physics 
The Astro Experience

I remember the 1st time i got on TV was a few years back, it was an amazing experience, an interview session on NTV7. The idea itself to be on national TV has caused me sleepless nights. Well, next time you get to be on TV for the 1st time, make sure you enjoy every minute of the experience. Take pictures and go on diet for a few days. Haha... 

Anyhow, appreciate the opportunity to be Astro Top Tutor Physics for SPM Series this time. 

Works hard and fast, its always urgent

So i have 2 weeks to write the spm physics outline and scripts for 4 episodes. Wrote the 1st episodes to teach about how to score Paper 3 SPM Physics just before CNY. Got rejected. :( ... so i spent more nights and effort rewriting the 4 episodes to their requirement. Quite an experience. 

mr sai mun memorizing the spm physics scripts

The MOST Challenging Things about a Video Shoot :

#1. Memory Power. I have to memorize the script before each shoot. Thank goodness, they shot each sentence one by one, so i got to memorize one phrase/ sentence, spoke it energetically in front of the camera and then moved on to the next sentence. The difficult part in Physics is you have prefixes, i have to say the prefixes all at one go. 'Tera Giga Mega kilo deci centi milli micro nano pico and the mnemonics is The Green Monster King Drink Chocolate Milk Make No Party'. Try saying that with no mistakes all at one go ;). Quite a challenge again... =.=

the professional make up artist and the sound man
#2 Looking Good on Camera. Director wants you to look good on camera, so before we jump to plastic surgery. haha.. the fastest solution is make up. Thank god they didn't put lipsticks and mascara on me, the make up artist is kind enough to put on foundation and jell my hair a little thats all. Almost every shoot she has to patch me up cos the Director said many times 'His nose is shiny' 'There are red patches on his face' etc etc. I changed my cloth 3 times. And i hope i was thinner before the shoot.  

mr sai mun doing a voice over
 #3 Clear Voice & Noise. To have a good recording, the studio must be super silent. The studio for the video shoot was right next to a MRT construction site, because of the noise from drilling and heavy machinery next door, we have to stop the shoot many times. I m not even allowed to shake the paper when i do the 'Voice Over'. haha..... That's the sound guy 'ah wah' who made sure everything is crystal clear. If you can see in some of the pictures, i have a mic hidden under my shirt. 
Videographer, Director, Production Manager & Make Up Artist 
#4 Team Pressure.  When a whole team of people was looking at you, you would feel enormous pressure to do well and made no mistakes. I m used to teach Physics in front of students as many as 70 per class, but teaching Physics in front of a video shooting team is a whole different ball game. No mistakes, if not they have to retake and retake and retake until its good. The man in the hat is our great director 'Mr Prem'. He is cool! 

mr sai mun playing around

An AMAZING Journey:

#1 Before the Shoot, the feeling of being on Astro was not that overwhelming at the beginning until it starts to sink in. The day before the shoot i quickly went for a hair cut and went to sleep early just so i look better on camera. Haha. A few days before the shoot, my left hand was bitten by some insects, and its super painful, was still super painful with boils on my hand during the shoot. Excited!

#2 During the Shoot, finally its the day. Woke up early, grab a quick breakfast and drove to the studio on time. We start at 9.30am all the way till evening 9.00pm, with my left hand still hurts like hell and repeat lines and lines of phrases until its perfect. Its definitely one of the most tiring one day i ever had. Between all the hardship, the whole team had lots of fun, there's the sound guy cracking jokes throughout the day and the Production Manager getting us food, snacks, drinks and much more. Tired!

#3 After the Shoot, I have learnt a lot in that one day, and finally i m exposed to the production industry. I always wonder how it all works before, now i have most of the answers. All energy has been used up and we can't wait go to have some local Nasi Lemak with Ayam Rendang and Wan Ton Mee. Satisfaction! 

the video setting with canon dslr 
You wanted to be a TV STAR

Maybe someday you will be the one in front of the camera. It does not seem much here, but the final product on TV will be very impressive. Its definitely not an easy job, but it will be all worth an experience. For those who are interested in this field you can always start with agencies who look for talents for advertisements and movies. Just google it ...
trying to post like a super star :p
checking out the sound man 'Ah Wah'
Behind the scene
Another thank you paragraph 

Thank you very much Astro and Love Child Production for giving me a chance to experience yet another wonderful journey. Prem the director is very professional and yet cool. Malik and Ah Wah making our video shoot more enjoyable than ever. The production manager always getting us food snacks and take care of us like their family. Make up artist always patching my oily face up. Garwen who is there to assist me when my left hand was handicapped. 


                      my student took a snapshot on TV and whatsapp this to me. Haha..


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