IGCSE Past Year Papers


There are many students, parents and teachers looking for IGCSE papers and marking schemes. They always ask me what is the fastest and easiest way to get the papers.

Here are the 2 Easiest Way to get it.

#1. Free Download and Print at Home
There are many websites whereby you can download for free, save it as softcopy and print it at home when you need it. Only 2 websites that I find it user friendly and complete. You can go to my favourite 2 :-

#2. Order and Deliver Hardcopies to your Doorstep
You can call/sms to Keni Printshop at 017 349 1512 (Mr Yap) or 012 718 2825 (Ms Soo), order from them, bank in the correct amount of money and then it will be directly Pos Laju to your home. Very convenient indeed and reasonable priced. 

More useful tips
Since I m a teacher of IGCSE Physics and Chemistry, some new students and parents might find this information useful. For all malaysian students who will be taking igcse exams for physics and chemistry you will are required to take 3 papers. Paper 2, Paper 4 and Paper 6. So make sure you don't download and purchase other papers.

Paper 2 is Objective 

Paper 4 is Structured Questions Only

Paper 6 is Experimental Questions.

*Do not buy Paper 1 and Paper 5. You do not need it.

I hope the information below will be very useful as many parents and students have contacted us for more details about the past years papers from Mr Kenny Yap and Ms Soo. All the best!

IGCSE Past Year Papers, 10 or 5 years series
(Download Latest > Print Out > Deliver to You)

From Year 2003 to 2013 

Subject - 10 Years Series / 5 Years Series


1. IGCSE Additional Mathematics - RM135/ RM62
(Price includes Paper 1 & Paper 2)

2. IGCSE Mathematics - RM122 / RM60
(Price includes Paper 2, Paper 4 & marking scheme) 

3. IGCSE Biology - RM222 / RM102
(Price includes Paper 1, Paper 3, Paper 6 & marking scheme)

4. IGCSE Chemistry - RM192 / RM88
(Price includes Paper 1, Paper 3, Paper 6 & marking scheme)

5. IGCSE Physics - RM190 / RM92
(Price includes Paper 1, Paper 3, Paper 6 & marking scheme)

6. IGCSE Economics - RM97 / RM67
( Price includes Paper 1, Paper 2& marking scheme)

7. IGCSE English (First Language) - RM182 / RM84
( Price includes Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 3 & marking scheme)

8. IGCSE Business Studies - RM158 / RM 75
( Price includes Paper 1, Paper 2, & marking scheme)

9. IGCSE Geography - RM283 / RM 132
( Price includes Paper 1, Paper 2, Paper 4 & marking scheme)

10. IGCSE Accounting - RM155 / RM77
( Price includes Paper 1, Paper 2, & marking scheme)

11. IGCSE History - RM279 / RM190

( Price includes Paper 1 [3 books of MS], Paper 2, Paper 4 & marking scheme)

All the price above are excluding postage fee.

 If you are keen to order or have any inquiries,
SMS / Whatsapp to 
012 - 718 2825 Ms Soo
017 - 349 1512 Mr Kenny

Customer Review
Mr Prasad, Singapore

Mrs Teoh, Petaling Jaya

 Mr Dennis Ong, Kota Damansara

 Rebecca, Melaka

 Yong Yik, Ampang

Mrs Ng, Penang


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  1. It’s helpful.

  2. Hi Mr SaiMun

    Do you have IGCSE Years 7 and 8 worksheet with answers provided for sale?


    1. i do not have such worksheets, but i'm sure you can find a lot of resources online :)

  3. helo,mr.i want to ask you if i can use the igcse books in my study eventhough i'm not taking igcse course,but i'm taking 'sains tulen' class which have biology,chemistry and physic subjects.so,can i use these books in my study? i hope you can answer this,because i really need to know about it.thank you.

  4. The approach and how they ask is very different. It will not help in scoring your sains tulen exam but may expand your knowledge of sciences only

  5. Where can I get the books from in dubai?

    1. Dear Sandy, you can contact the key person in charge of Buukbook.com and request for a delivery. TQ

  6. Hi Sir. Do you have the recent past year series, from year 2011 to 2016 ?

    1. Dear Revin, you may contact the people of Buukbook.com at 012 - 718 2825 Ms Soo OR
      017 - 349 1512 Mr Kenny