The Hand Under

Pitch black was the only things that entered my eyes, apart from the resplendent glow from the little Pokemon lamp beside my bed, it shone in a faint blue glow, giving this soothing touch to the darkness of the room. I closed my eyes, I tried to sleep, this was the first time I was on my own, my parents told me I was old enough to sleep by my own.

It was odious, there were no bodies for me to take as protection, I felt insecure, inferior, and in grave fear of the nothingness, darkness that roamed the room freely, as if it was ready to prey unto me, devouring me into nothingness. I shut my eyes, everything got darker by that instant, I opened them, just to perceive the dim ocean blue glow promulgating in the room.

tap. tap. tap. "Mum..." my voice croaked into a feeble call for assistance, silence responded me, I took my blanket and swathed myself into it, hoping that the taping sound will not return. tap. tap. tap. "Don't be scared, sleep." I told myself in a tone which mustered remnants of my fortitude, but still futile voice. A chill was sent down my spine, six taping sounds, I really hoped that it would end, and I will fall into a peaceful reverie.

Maybe counting sheep will help. I told myself, "One sheep, two sheep, three sheep," tap. tap. tap. "four..." tap. tap. tap. This time, the tapping went on and on, it did not stop, my counting slowly diminished into silence, only the tapping sound was left in forte to conjure fear in me. Darkness was towering over me as I wrapped myself in my blanket, hoping morning would hit as soon as possible. 

The incessant flow of tapping rendered me scared shitless, sending a blight to utterly shut down my system, I could not think straight, petrified to the bed, none of me wanted to listen to my commands, remaining stiff to the bed. 

A strong grip to my right leg, tearing through my blanket, I lift up to see, only eight sharp incisors glowing in the dark in a brilliant crimson red, ARGHHH!!! I kicked, and kicked, to no avail. "JOHN! STOP KICKING! YOU'RE LATE FOR SCHOOL!" it was my mum, it was just a nightmare in my first night of sleeping by myself. 

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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