7 Kinds of Teachers You Know

Teachers come in all kinds of types and sizes. Do you recognize any of them below?

1. The Loudspeaker
You can hear them from the ground floor when they're teaching on the top floor in the classroom at the end of the block. This kind of  teacher doesn't need a microphone to make announcements at assemblies, because they've already got one built in. Best invest in some good earplugs otherwise, you gonna be like:

2. The Homework Machine Gun
This particular kind of teacher is will send you home with so much homework, you will be pulling your hair out all night to get it finished...because it's all due the very next day.

3. The Boogeyman
Is it an earthquake? Is it a tsunami? No...it's just your guru disiplin. You can bet that the hallways will part like the Red Sea when this teacher comes for a stroll. Best get away before the rotan comes out.

4. The Comedian
You look toward to their classes because you know you're guaranteed to have good time. You'll be laughing so hard that you've started to develop six packs.

5. The Pasar Pagi
If the noise level hits an all time high during class, you KNOW you've got one of these. The classroom is a total ruckus, but hey, it isn't the teacher's fault! We just got better things to do. (Joking, kids, please pay attention during class and respect your teachers!)

6. The Storytellers
These teachers like to talk a lot. You can bet that they'll be busting out all the stories about their grandfather/grandmother/brother/sister/uncle. There's just so much to tell! These teachers could probably write a storybook out of all those stories. In fact, I had a friend during my time that...

7. The ones you'll never forget
It doesn't matter what they were known for. This kind of dedicated, wonderful teachers are the ones you'll be missing once you leave high school. (Like Mr Sai Mun, cheh :P)

What are your teachers like? Let us know in the comments below!
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