This Is Malaysia (Merdeka Special)

We are fortunate enough to be borned in this bumi bertuah where everything is well shaped on this land of fortune. All of us can speak and understand Bahasa Malaysia, some of us can speak more than three languages, some of us are fluent in more than three slang of a language, we are borned in a diverse nation, prospering with the plentiful of resources around us.

Malaysians are too comfortable with our independence, sometimes we would forget that we are independent by taking this aspect of the nation for granted. We often make those small matters that happen in the country and magnified them to invoke racial and religion prejudice. To those who felt provoked or offended, and the offenders and provokers, I am sorry to say, you are not mature enough, please wake up, stop living on top of trees.

Our country is broken into many pieces, 'SabahSarawak', orang asli, malay, chinese, indian, and many more, yet we still live in a nation, and time would tell if this would work out or not. The dark history of 513 depicts that this would not work if we keep labeling ourselves according to our skin colours or identity. However, for the furtherance of the country, we need to call ourselves Malaysian, the column of the 'kaum' (race) in forms should be removed, or just be filled in with the word- Malaysian.

This is Malaysia, we label people according to their races, not because we are racist, it is just because we are Malaysians.

This is Malaysia, everywhere in the country is a rubbish bin, but when we are overseas, or just in Singapore, we would throw rubbish into the bin, not everywhere, because we are Malaysians.

This is Malaysia, we have nasi lemak for breakfast, and mamak for supper, around 1.00 a.m. the mamak would still be filled to the brim, our talk often surrounds the complaints we have for Malaysia, because we are Malaysians.

This is Malaysia, road ragers, reckless drivers, too much love for money (certain people), mismanagement in certain facets of the development of the country, because we are Malaysians.

This is Malaysia, a 'country' of 'free speech' and 'open minded' with 'democracy'.

We are Malaysians.

Happy Merdeka!

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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