SPM Webminar for Chemistry 2017

2nd session is on 14/9 10pm. Stay Tuned
1st session a success with 11 participants. TQ so much and we revised salts.


Maximizing Your Chance of Scoring in Chemistry with Effective Revision

2nd Session

Date: Thursday 14/9
Time: 10.15 pm to 10.45 pm

By: mr sai mun

And Free For All

2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th session to be confirmed and will be held every Wednesday Night. 

Follow these simple steps to revise and score in Chemistry:
1. CHOOSE a topic that you find most important and wish to revise on our poll below.
2. BOOK your place by Following our Facebook page: mrsaimun and register by sending your e-mail to mrsaimun1@gmail.com
3. We will E-Mail you the private YouTube link. 
4. Revise and score in Chemistry with us. 

Question and 
Answer session will also be provided for the students.

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Which Chemistry topic that you find most important to revise?

1. The Structure of the Atom
2. Chemistry Formulae and Equations
3. Periodic Table of Elements
4. Chemical Bonds
5. Electrochemistry
6. Acids and Bases
7. Salts
8. Manufactured Substances in Industry
9. Rate of Reaction
10. Carbon Compounds
11. Oxidation and Reduction
12. Thermochemistry
13. Chemicals for Consumers
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