Russian Roulette

A bullet was placed singularly in front of me, on the wooden table, inside an abandoned barn where only me and a rogue cowboy were there. He sauntered around me with a cigarette in his mouth, I was strapped dead in the chair, the rope got tighter if I flinched too much. BANG! he fired a shot into the air to intimidate me.

He could kill me any time, he had the carte blanche, I was a sitting duck, time was the only thing that was impeding my death. BANG! He dropped the cigarette unto the floor, squashing its smouldering flame with his boots. BANG! He shot the smudged cremains of nicotine.

"Let's play a game." BANG! BANG! BANG! His deep voice was overshadowed by three consecutive shots into the air, I squinted my eyes, bracing for whatever that was about to happen, my death was uncertain. My heart dropped the moment I realised I was still breathing, I could not keep up with this, he picked up the bullet from the table, reloaded his revolver with the only bullet, spun the cylinder, and cocked it up.

The rogue pointed the tip of the revolver into my head, "Let's give it a twist..." His voice trailed off with his fingers lifting up into my left eye. He dug his fingers into my left eye, pulling it out, my right eye saw everything, the bulbous eyeball, and the socket attached to it, dangling out of position. 

There was no pain, the exposed parts of my left eye prickled my receptors, the part was too sensitive. He then lowered the revolver into my right eye. "Let's see who would die!" Just kill me already. I shouted inside me, I had given up on myself up until this point, Click. Click. The holes of the barrel were spinning clockwise fast, I watched until one bullet came flashed into my eye. The spark flew all over the place, the bullet launched with a frightening velocity, sending my brains into smithereens. 

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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