Gossamer threads of moonlight sprinkled in the dead of the night, no escaping from reality, I was being hunted by three menacing figures with enhanced bodies. Sprinting as hard as I could, they were at my tail, closing up to me at a gruesome speed, my heart was at my throat, heaving seamlessly against their pace.

I looked up to the sky filled with dark clouds, tinged with the waning moonlight, my breath was choked at a moment where an apparition hopped into me, my mind did not even have time to react after the figure sent an acute punch into my stomach, I grunted, spat some blood, pain receptors were on fire, and I was sent flying past back the path that I had taken, an open field.

Intercepted by a kick straight into my spine, if I were a normal human, my bones should be fractured into fractals, I was enhanced, I was slightly unique. As his knee got in contact with my back, my reactions were on point, millions of nano-enhanced mechanics went into work, sending burst of information through my neurones, I curled myself unto his leg, pulled him together to embrace the impact. 

His kick was unexpectedly strong, and luck played an important role, the two figures emerged in front of me, deciding to deal the coup de grace to me. I flung the one who kicked me as a meat shield, his heartbeat turned into a line instantaneously. One down, the other two was surprised, with a moment of pause granted by the element of surprise, I loomed over their heads, slammed both of their iron-infused skull into each other, sending a lethal concussion into both of them. 

Confirming kill was imperative, I withdrew my soldier knife, jabbed them in the vital parts, little did I know, it did not work. The limbs decapitated from their bodies, they were using organic-machinery, I was strangled by the rubbery metallic limbs, I was careless, I was the one who was caught off-guard, my life succumbed to unawareness.

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan
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