How to Build an IGCSE Academic Centre

Step 1: Find an empty dirty lot
(preferably with leakages and water puddles).

Step 2: Make someone else clean it up.
(We did most of the hardwork)

Pro tip #1: You have the option of doing a musical number ala Singing in the Rain while doing this.

(P.S: An creepy stairwell is an added bonus.)

Step 3: To make it look more fancy-schmancy, paint the floors with white epoxy. 

This will make it look ten times better. Also because the water puddles are gone.

Step 4: Obviously you need a door. 

Step 5: Make Mr Sai Mun pose for photos. (Because he's like, super photogenic)

Step 5: Add furniture. Stir well.

Ensure that everything is colourful. 

Black and white are colours too. 

Pro tip #2: Dangling fancy lights are a nice touch to brighten up a space.

Pro tip #3: Add toys because, really, people never actually do grow up.

Pro tip #3: random picture of empty classroom will illustrate how awesome it is now.

Step 4: Enjoy your new IGCSE Center!

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