SPM Physics Tips 2014 : Spotted Questions

To score A+ Physics. Here are 3 Rules..
#1. Understand the Physics Concept
#2. Know the format of questions clearly
#3. Answer like an A+ Student. 

The spotted questions can only help you to focus on the popular questions this year. Questions are randomly arranged, study the answers in the states papers and all the best! 

Paper 2
Q1. Fleming's Left Hand Rule, find the direction of force and draw pattern of magnetic field
Q2. Motion graph, v-t graph and calculation, logic gates
Q3.  Pressure application, the use of manometer and bourdon gauge, 
Q4.  Gas laws and analyze graph of specific heats
Q5.  Forces and tension of the string, equilibrium, triangle of forces
Q6.  Interference of waves using formula, pattern, diffraction pattern of light. 
Q7.  Concave and Convex Mirror, ray diagrams and usage, refraction, compare
Q8.  Half life application and choose which type is most suitable radioactive 

Q9   Buoyant force concept, plimsoll line, hydrometer, definition
Q10 Compare parallel and series, electromotive force and internal resistance

Q11 Microscope and Telescope comparison, periscope and lenses. 
Q12 Cathode ray, CRO, transistor circuit with automatic switch and logic gates. 

Paper 3
Q1 measurement and graphs
Q2 given graph and calculate gradient with units
(a) refraction of light
(b) current vs force or transformer
(c) interference
(d) mass/volume vs temp increase
(e) .... more updates soon

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