IGCSE 2014 Past Year Questions

Updated 26 Mac 2015

Usually we go to xtremepapers.com for IGCSE and A Level Past Years Examination Questions. However, they have not uploaded the 2014 questions yet. I stumbled upon this website where you can download all the 2014 May/June IGCSE past papers at http://www.papacambridge.com/ gceguide.com. Thanks for sharing.

For IGCSE past year questions 2014 Oct/Nov Examinations you can get it HERE.

You can also download it directly as per below while the link still works. :) Happy Downloading. Pls drop a comment if you find it useful.  

Due to some of you can't access the links below you can go to http://www.papacambridge.com/

Download IGCSE
Physics (0625) May June 2014 Papers and Marking Schemes

June 2014

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  1. Thank you so much! Beyond grateful. Was searching for this all over the internet! My mocks are approaching, saved in time.

  2. I was wondering if you can please provide the ICT marking schemes for 2014

  3. I was wondering if you can please provide the 2014 marking scheme for ICT. Thank you.

  4. It always takes me to cie teacher support login page. Please help me get in!!

  5. cie teacher support login??? help

  6. it is only if you are a teacher you gain access to the papers! frusteration
    not cool or helpful

  7. updated. please refer the link above to papacambridge to download the IGCSE past years 2014. :) all the best