7 Tips for SPM 2014


SPM 2014 is coming up about in less than one month. many will be asking:

What should I do now?

Where to get tips?

Is it too late to start studying now?


#1. Start doing lots and lots of questions
Yes, you may know all the theories, but explaining them is an entirely different ballgame! The best way to do this is to put your knowledge to practice by doing more exercises. If you don't know the answer, flip to the back of the book, find out and learn why. Past years are the way to go!

Books to do

1. Past Year Papers

2. SBP Past Years
3. MARA Past Years

#2. Join a SPM Facebook Group
It's no secret that SPM is a pretty daunting process. There are so many things to do and it can sometimes become overwhelming. Joining a Facebook group will help you share the burden, as well as learn studying tips from other people! It can be fun, trust us!

I just joined a few facebook group 'Chemistry SPM 2014', where the students and teachers are very helpful. A student posted a question and it was answered in a matter of minutes and received 10 to 20 comments right after. Thumbs up! 

#3.  Make short notes
A girl once told me that when she sat for her SPM, she made little notes about things she couldn't remember or understand on post-its and stuck them on her wall. That way, she could read them and refresh while getting ready for school! You don't have to do it the exact same way, but do make short notes. It's less time-consuming and gets straight to the point.

#4. Ask friends and teachers for help
Some friends might influence you in a negative way, but most friends can help you go further and achieve more. If you don't know something, go ask someone! Don't just wait for answers to come by staring at the question. ASK! ASK your friends and ASK your teachers and tutors.  

#1. Don't go a seminar and believe that all the tips will be coming out for SPM 2014
If those seminars actually worked, then you wouldn't have to study for two years and do so many practices. Please please please do a complete revision and study all the topics. Do not study the tips you get from Seminars only. I'm sure you have heard from your seniors and elder siblings that most seminars are just a waste of time. 

#2. Don't just read the reference book like Success.
Sure, you could spend a thousand ringgit on reference books, but what's the point if you don't actually learn from them? Study hard, but study smart too! Find state papers, past years and good quality notes that will shorten your learning time and can sharpen your answering technique.

#3. Don't give up
If you've given up before you've even tried, it's a sure fire way to failure. Even if there's a 0.0001% percent chance of scoring straight A+, keep trying anyway, because you'll never know what will happen.

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  1. Do more practice problems to understand the syllabus better.

    You can do that by visiting http://istudy.my
    They distribute SPM practice problems for Free. (answers included)