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i was going for breakfast at my favourite kopitiam and as usual, will order my 'healthy' morning meal and also order my 'Teh C Kosong Bing' and 'Barley Kosong Bing' .... 

Anyway, stumble upon a very useful site about scholarships. Immediately my mind was like, OMG this will be super useful to my students. 

What so special about this site?

#1. Its Malaysian
We are malaysian loves malaysian stuffs from malaysia

#2. Its about Scholarships
Scholarships = free money = if you get it, you must be god damn proud of yourself

#3. The work 'Hack'
They describe getting scholarhips as Hacking your scholarships, thats the swag word now isn't

#4. The stories of the 'Interview'
They created a community to share their stories of previous champions of scholarships, how they prepare and handle the interview. Tips and tricks of the whole process and keeping it short and packed with information. Short and Sweet

#5. A wide range
Its covers stories about JPA Scholarships, Bursary, Bank Negara, Asean Scholarships, Astro Scholarship, Star Scholarship, Sime Darby, Methodist College and more..

all the stories and scholarship by categories of
local, overseas, full, partial, private, government and agency

this is a story of a student securing JPA Scholarship for Dentistry

hack the scholarships now 

You can also contribute to the stories

Check out the site now!


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