Are you with a Professional Tutor?

Many has this perception that being a tutor is part time, not a long term job, little responsibility, not serious. Such mindset will bring you no where in the education field and at the same time dampen the future of your students.
The 5 Laws of being a Professional Tutor
1. Prepare for Lessons
For a 2 hour tuition, you need use at least 4 hours to preparation which includes study notes, past examination questions, anecdotes and jokes, marking scheme analysis, short story.
2. Zero Cancellations
A professional tutor does not cancel his/her class no matter what are the circumstances. Last minute cancellation is totally out of the questions.
3. Smart Appearance
Your students are looking at you all the time, they will not look at your eyes only, they check you out from top to bottom. You can be professional and smart OR casual and smart.
4. Students First
The 1.5 hours or 2 hours is not about you. Its about your students. Make sure they learn a LOT while having a good time. At the end of the day, it is still all about their exam results.
5. Don't Get Personal
Teenagers are always teenagers. They'll always do funny funny things to annoy you. When they do, you can show your anger and dissatisfaction, but then DO NOT bring it to the next week.
So, is a professional tutor teaching you now?
Some one took a paparazzi shot of my back

mr sai mun during lesson

1. All three colour marker pen
2. Student notes
3. Black t-shirt (preferably Nike)
4. Jeans (preferably Levis)
5. an OK OK hairstyle

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