You have exactly OnePointFive

If you are worried about SPM 2009, you should be. Cause you have exactly one and a half month left. I'm sure you can do the calculations of how many days before the real day. So its all about what you do in this month that will determine your grade. What you have done or did not do does not matter anymore, its all about NOW. what can you do to make your parents and yourself proud.

For my students in my classes in school or tuition, the 1st collection of the state papers are ready. You can start doing the state papers. If you can do these papers, i'm sure it won't be a problem for you for SPM 2009.

Physics, Chemistry, and Add Math are printed out with marking scheme

These collections are not for profit. So i've drop an original copy at the photocopy shop nearby who charges only 4 to 5 cents per page. Just get the contact number from me and go order it ya. One copy is placed Kota Damansara, PJ and another is in Menjalara, Kepong.
Once again, thanks so much for teachers who are so willing to share. Its all for the students. So students, the last lap is all up to you now.

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  1. hi... i need your help...
    can you send question and answer sceme for Terengganu chemistry trial spm 2009. send to mu gmail.