Smart Pills for Exams

Most of the secondary schools in Malaysia are preparing for their final exams. Everyone is busy studying the notes, revising the worksheets, solving each question and asking their teachers how it works. Try taking smart pills : ) Chocolates actually helps to boost brain power.

sea of sweets

this time i bought more chocolates flavour sweets to boost their brain power
those add math questions requires sharp thinking sometimes

No 1 favorites - Choclairs (gold and purple wrapers)
No 2 favorites - Dynamite (blue and choco filled mint candy)

Chocolates and sugar actually help to stimulate your brain. I know an ex-student of mine who is now holding a JPA scholarship and doing very well in his studies, he ate chocolates too when preparing for exams. A little secret to score A+. : )

more at this article. p.s. look out for pimples btw

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  1. and if u tend to skip meals due to study stress, a lil bit of choco helps!