Teacher Showing Off

Most of you must be wandering what kind of phone that this Mr. Sai Mun guy is using? : ) Here you are, I know its a bit show off but i do work extremely hard to get it. Here's my favorite gadget. The SAMSUNG Omnia i900.

The SAMSUNG Omnia i900 is not just a phone but a computer the size of your palm.

Here are 7 reasons why its such a cool gadget to have.
1. Its a fully touch-flow phone, sometimes i just flick the screen to enjoy looking at the icons flowing
2. It is internet ready with Wifi. I can access the internet anywhere and anytime while i'm rushing or sometimes even driving. If i do not have Wi-Fi i can use EDGE or 3G.
3. It has built in GPS system and i downloaded the latest Google Maps. Do you know more there are more than six satellites above our head. Super cool.
4. I uses it to take down notes, write down new ideas, keep track of appointments and students classes.
5. At night i use it as a music player with 16GB memory space
6. Downloaded tonnes of cool games for FREE such as Need For Speed, Alsphat 4, Spores and Resco Bubbles.
7. It has a 5.0 Mega Pixel Camera with flash and it can play high quality videos.

Here are 3 reasons why this gadget is not good enough
1. The touch is not sensitive enough like I-phone. I've to use my finger nail. Got use to it edi.
2. I've to take care of this phone and i can't throw it around like my previous phone. Sigh
3. For the same price you can actually buy another laptop.

If you are a working professional and executives which is always on the move and serious about your job, the samsung omnia is the best option ever. But if you are a teenager or undergraduate, try I-phone cos its more sensitive and young people friendly. I-phones definitely have better games than mine.

Will try blogging using my Omnia soon.
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