Chemistry Form 4 Mid Year Exam Tips

Always remember Chemistry is 70% memorising and 30% understanding. So start photocopying every page into your 100 000 Gigabyte brain of yours.

Paper 1 (Objective Questions)

Paper 2 (Structured and Essay Questions)
Q1. Giving you a table which contains Proton no, nucleon no. Ask about e- configuration
Q2. Changes in physical state and explain using kinetic theory of matter.
Q3. Calculations questions giving you a chemical equation
Q4. Give you a Periodic Table .. ... Group 1 + water, why Group 18 is stable, Reactivity
Q5. They give you a period and ask you about amphoteric and why changes in size of atoms
Q6. Chapter 5: Draw the structure of ionic compound and covalent compound.

Essay (choose 2)
Q1. Draw the structure of atom, explain the structure of an atom, isotopes its usage.
Q2. Definition of RAM and molar mass. More calculations
Q3. Periodic Table: Why K is more reactive than Li and Why F is more reactive than I.
Q4. Chapter 5: Experiment to determine whether it is an ionic or covalent compound.

Paper 3 (Practical)
Q1. Empirical Formula Experiment: MgO or Cuo
Q2. Experiment: Group 1 in water or Melting Point or Boiling Point of a pure substance

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  1. 有詳細點的嗎?

  2. i need question to do...i just want to do know that hoe much i remember...

  3. ya. exercise helps you to remember and understand. so the key is still doing lots and lots of exercises.... rather than plain dull reading.

  4. is there any tips for 2010 form 4 chemistry mid year exam

  5. can you give the answer i need to check...

  6. can you give the answer i need to check...