Physics Form 4 Tips for Mid Year

Exam Season again. Many has only started to get worried and some has already preparing for it. And few don't even know there's a Mid Year Exam next month. Here are some tips for Physics Form 4.

Paper 1 (Objective Questions)

Paper 2 (Structured and Essay)
Q1. Base Quantities, find units and conversion of units
Q2. Measuring Instruments. Vernier Calipers or Micrometer Screw Gauge
Q3. A graph question related to pendulum bob
Q4. Graph of velocity against time, calculate acceleration and displacement
Q5. Inertia. No calculations just explain
Q6. Momentum. Explanation and Calculations.

Section A (Choose 2)
Q1. Modification for Car Safety and Impulsive Force
Q2. Accuracy, Consistency and Sensitivity
Q3. Choose the most suitable material. Some high speed stuff like rockets, racing cars, bicycle or aeroplane.
Q4. coming soon

Paper 3 (Practical)
Q1. Ticker Tape or Spring with load
Q2. Give you a graph and you calculate gradient and find values
Q3. Experiment: Inertia Balance.

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  1. thx for ur tips~~
    now study until siao jor~~

  2. is this exam tips for whole malaysia students