Pros and Cons of Homeschool in Malaysia

Homeschool is an approach for a child to receive education beyond the formal setting of an academic institution. The homeschools in Malaysia are general held in learning centres.

There are several pros and cons of homeschool as follows:


  1. The homeschool centres are conducted by using IGCSE syllabus which is an internationally recognised qualification, mainly taught in English.
  2. Students can learn at their own pace with the guidance from the parents and teachers. Thus, the students are allowed to take all the time they need to learn and develop their individual ability.
  3. Students can interact and mix with people of all ages through the participation of social activities.
  4. Homeschool centres have smaller scale of students. This allows the teacher to use different methods in teaching or facilitate to meet each student's individual learning needs.
  5. Students will not feel stressed over the IGCSE examination as they are allow to take a minimum of two subjects at each sitting. Thereafter, students are able to concentrate better on the subjects taken.
  6. Homeschool centres allow the gifted students to graduate early without being challenged by regular schooling and whose pace of learning could be much faster.
  1. There are fewer resources such as computer labs and library that may only be available in public schools. Students will be required to bring their own laptops which are inconvenience to them.
  2. Some teachers may not have the qualification to each the syllabus. Parents are advised to check the teachers' qualification to ensure that their children will get an effective education.
  3. Students may be incompetent in Malay language as they have been exposed more towards English syllabus. The students may prioritize English over Malay languages eventhough it is a compulsory subject to be passed in SPM examination for their future careers.

Written by Low May May
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