Crash Course PHYSICS Now

The following videos can help you revise physics quickly and effectively last minute. Its free and you can share it with your friends. All the best in your SPM.


you will learn how to draw all the popular electric field pattern which is 2 to 3 marks

you can will learn all about electromagnetic induction which includes Faraday's Law and the popular Lenz's Law. The concept of Lenz's Law is often asked in exams as there are a lot applications.

You will quickly learn how motor works and how to draw electric field on a motor

Crash course on how to use Fleming's Left Hand Rule to determine the direction of force
in motor also called motor role.


You will learn how a ticker tape looks like and what it means with different pattern of ticks

Quickly learn how to calculate ticker timer velocity and acceleration.

Motion graphs is the all time popular for Form 4 exams and in SPM. Here's the quick video about it. 

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