A+ Teacher Showing Off A Bit

The most valuable moment in a teacher's life is to Teach Motivate Follow-Up until their students become Top #1 students in school. Shin Jing & Zhao Min started with average potential, with Accurate Teaching and Well Prepared A+ Notes added with Unique Motivation from Mr Sai Mun and his team of teachers they unleashed their full potential. Complementing the efforts of their school teachers, they are now the SMKB Top #1 Student. Very Impressive.

Shin Jing, Zhao Min, Ching Yu, Mr Sai Mun
Shin Jing attends all our subjects Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Add Math

Teaching a student to be Top #1 is valuable, but if all the students are performing outstanding A+ results its a solid and significantly advanced teaching techniques involved. 

Find teachers who are prepared for lessons, teachers who has researched well and in-depth of the subject and give out detailed notes. Teachers must be professionals too. If they teach from reference book, might as well you study yourself. 

2012 Final Exam Papers of  Beh Shin Deh, Teo Lee Hong, Chan Tze Wong

Since the start of the very 1st class, teachers must not only aim to pass knowledge to their students, instead their objective is to maximise their potential and bring them to greatest height through positive inspiration, constructive challenges and of course lots of fun. This is what we have been doing and helping our students.

Last Q & A tuition class a day before Add Math SPM 2012

It's all about getting outstanding A+ results with lots of FUN

*SMKB Sekolah Menengah Kepong Baru
*SPM Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia

Written by Chris Lui , Edited by Mr Sai Mun
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