SPM 2008 Physics Tips 68% Accurate

Paper 1 ... about 9 questions which actually surprised me. A few difficult calculations questions + a few that really need to understand the concept. Very challenging indeed. An average student should be able to score at least 40 correct.

Paper 2 was OK. overall paper is average easy. Like all past physics paper 2 and state papers, they come out with some 'high-tech' pictures but the questions are actually quite direct. I'm sure you can answer it, just follow the questions. We did receive a source telling us that light and wave will come out in the essay part and wave as the 1st question, we did under-estimated that source. Sorry guys.

Paper 3. Q1. Just follow the question. Q2. very direct. Q3. if i were you i'll do the last question.

It's all over. Time to wait for the results. I'm sure most of you will score A1. Till then Take Care.
Check updates for SPM Physics Tip 2008.
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