Hearts palpitating, bated breaths, I was under the sea, attached with a mouth piece to breathe oxygen- a densely packed hair structures which were used to filter the oxygen from the H2O. I was skeptical about this technology, but I was sent to retrieve a treasure in the sea hundred feet under, it was an order, a paid one.

My mind was conjuring thoughts about stealing some of the treasures for myself, but it was not susceptible, there were too many of them on the surface, and there were cameras attached to me, I could not do anything but their commands. I dashed even deeper, with the enhanced lenses, I was able to perceive objects in very low-light. 

There was a derelict, moss covered pirate ship, I dived straight into it, neglecting the marine life that was there. I swept past the layers of the broken ship, finding myself at the base of it, two boxes, guarded by an exoskeleton, sitting, with a bony arm dangling with a rusty sword. I remained still, scanning through the vicinity, it was just moss, and more moss.

Letting my intuition take over, my associative muscle memory pulled me back, and the two boxes flung opened mysteriously, sending an enigmatic chill into my spine, I bubbled in fright, keeping myself collected. Analysing the current situation, the crates were filled with gold to the brim, I reported exactly what I saw to them.

Peeling my eyes closely, "There are bombs." I muttered through the intercom, as I spotted the glaring, alive red robotic glow of an archaic bomb. Bring it up, it would not detonate. The commanding voices prompted me. I was petrified, something was wrong, I felt it in my bones. They may be Greek fire. I thought as I approached the crates, seeing a vial filled with some vicious turquoise fluid latched unto the bombs.

00:20, The timer on the bomb was ticking off, Shit. I activated the jets on my swim suit, coruscating through the pirate ship, getting out of it within seconds, I need to get up. It was Greek fire, it would be a wildfire in the sea. I had approximately ten seconds left, Do you get the box? The intercom blared. "NO!" My voice was fussy as I sped up to the surface. 

We are going to cut you off. The stern voice immediately disconnected when I re-surfaced, my ship was leaving. "NO! Please!" I shouted to no avail. Ting! It was as if a grenade just went off, a devastating blast engulfed all of us, including the ship, decimated us into nothing but ashes, throes of death were non-existent, a loud roar of the unprecedented filled the air, hushing all life to desist.

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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