The game was intersected at the cross-hairs of my sniper, I was hiding in the thick bushes, camouflaged well, listening to only the bristles of the forest, getting my associative memories as a hunter for more than a decade to work. I pulled my eyes out from the scope, my intuition told me that there was the portending calamity that was reining in the forest.

It was way too quiet, everything was frozen in time, I glanced through the forest, the patches of thick greens, and on the tree tops, there was nothing, I trusted my eyes, but not my heart. I knew something was wrong, but I did not know what was wrong, I nonchalantly looked back into my scope, focusing into the lens to look for my game. 

Nothing was there, just pure green, I did not hear the fleeting steps of the game, my attention faltered at the moment. The moment that I realised that something went very wrong, I turned my hear, an towering shadow overwhelmed me, it had a furry outline cast by the brief sunlight. It's a bear.

My initial thoughts were to run, play dead. My associative memory prompted me, I held my breath, laid down on the ground as if nothing had happened. The humongous figure was still hovering within my ground, my heart was palpitating, my breath was at the verge of using up, Just hold on... I told myself, or else I would be the game of the bear.

The bear's drool slapped my face, I could see his sharp teeth and claws gleaming faintly, acting as a weapon to intimidate its preys. I was running out of breath, Get out! Bear! My innards shouted for oxygen, as the bear moved slightly away from me, I took a deep breath, which was a wrong move, another bear was prowling from my back which I did not notice.

Shit... I picked myself up, my hand swerved the sniper at his skull, BANG! Shot at point blank distance. Its brain splattered into me, the other bear turned over. I reloaded the sniper with speed, aim for the head, I prompted myself, releasing the shot in mere seconds, a fraction faster than the bear could even react. I caught my breath in place after slaughtering two big games for the day.

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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