Shaping A World

I am going to be a father soon! I am psyched to be having that all of my hard work has paid off, This is just the start, the euphoria is surging into my veins, I am beyond happy, it is inexplicable. Having a baby in the 21st century is more than a challenge, it is a blessing in disguise because we get to manifest our knowledge into them at a younger age, because we have the savvy to do so, but is time on our side?

The first month or so is crucial, I make sure my wife gets enough rest and love from me. The baby inside her womb is mine, I need to take good care of her and my baby. I spaced out a lot of time from my own businesses, in order to spend time with them. The only way that I can have more time is to sacrifice my work to do so.

Three months passed, "Hubby... Come... put your hand on my tummy." just as I walk into the house after a long day of work, my hands came in contact with something, alive, gentle waves of feeble connections are fostered between our souls, I can feel the world inside her womb is magnificent, beautiful, enchanting, these are the ubiquitous thoughts of the pre-baby season, the odds of having the 'hit' from life is building up with time.

Her stomach is rounder, bigger; my baby's kick more conspicuous, alive; my time spent reading and shedding my presence with them grew more. Life is unprecedented, when everything is going well, it slaps you right in the face, and throws you totally out of balance. Something must go wrong, it is just how life rolls.

A regression to the mean happened, life screws me over, my companies were unfettered, haphazard, performing poorly than usual, forgetting that most of my income are based on pure luck, my employees are decreasing in number, my stress is building up, I managed to pull all of those back into shape by neglecting some of my precious time with them, my worlds.

I wake up with bated breath when I heard my wife shout in pain, and the bed is sodden with amniotic fluid, my first response is to phone the ambulance which arrives, I hop into the ambulance together with her, my heart is racing, a genesis is going to begin soon. Waiting, I decide to not go into the delivery room with her, I wait, my fists clench, sweat trickling down my face, I do not know what to feel as I hear the first cry from my baby.

Scrambling to my feet, the nurse is out of the ward, she tells me about everything is fine, and I may go in and have a look. My eyes are rested upon them, focusing especially on new world that I have weaved for a long time, I am a father. I hug them, This is only the start, we are going to make it... our eyes interlocked, it is an enigma, the feeling, together.

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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