Technical Glitch : SPM 13.4 Missing!

SPM 13.4 Heat of Neutralisation is missing from the Form 5 Chemistry notes. Only some of the Form 5 Notes are affected, this is due to the printer who have not added back the original set after we have make a minor correction to the notes. So Sorry :(

SPM 13.4 will look like the above

We chose not to hide from the problem but to solve it, this is the only way it will be fair to all who has bought the A+ notes and has trusted us that we will deliver them the best.  We want you to benefit 100% from the A+ Chemistry Notes.

 SPM Questions
If you have purchased of it and checked it is missing, no worries, we will send it out to you, no matter how at zero cost to you. We will also send the notes long with our Special Edition 2012, 'Popular SPM Paper 3 Experiment Questions'.

Here are 3 options you can choose :
1. We can send you the softcopy in .pdf format to your e-mail. Super fast.

2. We can send you the hardcopy, please e-mail your Full Address, Name and when did you purchase the notes.

3. We can pass the hardcopy to the friends you have bought from. 

If you have any questions, pls send it to

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