My V.I.Ps Now & Many Years To Come

There are all my V.I.Ps, we mean 'Very Important People' , 'Very Intelligent People' , 'Very Interesting People' and sometimes 'Very Idiotic People'... haha!!. I have students from many different areas but mainly they are from Kepong, Menjalara, Petaling Jaya, Kota Damansara, Valencia, Sungai Buloh and Segambut and all of them are treated like VIPs. Seriously! They get loads of sweets, free food all the time and definitely high quality of teaching :)

Teaching them tuition is not only about passing  down knowledge for them to score A in every exam but also to inspire them to become someone greater. Someone beyond their own expectations.

They will always ask for exam tips and short cuts, almost every time, but at the end, we convince them to study and work hard and to built a strong base first and then maybe refer to the exam tips just before exam. Exam tips can be quite accurate sometimes, but do not rely on tips only.

From our many years of teaching , we have seen many students who did well in school exams but failed their SPM because they depend too much on exam tips. Exam tips can be a guide to what to study, but you can not depend on it only. Imagine if exam tips is 100% accurate, then everyone will study tips only, and everyone scored straight A+, then the government & universities will go bankrupt giving scholarship to all students in the country. Common sense right?!? :)

handsome faces in my class in Menjalara, KL
Its always good to know my students can study and understand my class while enjoying every minute of the class. By looking at the smiles and their delighted expression on their faces, you can already tell whether they agree with me or not. I like to see their eyes sparkle when they pay full attention to the stories i'm going to tell. This feeling can only be felt by a great teacher who truly inspires.

 a little concert in Sri Sinar, KL

In Hong Kong and Korea, its called cram school, whereby the term 'cram' means that we learn and teach as many things as possible in a very short period of time. So all my lessons are broken down into Theory > Questions > Lots of Lots of Questions. When they know how to tackle the exam format, its better than exam tips, cause no matter what questions are asked, they can answer it easily.

'Over here, we learn the answers before the exams are out'

 classroom in Menjalara VIP
if you observe see the tall stack of colourful boxes carefully, those are SWEETS!
Lots of them. 

I strongly believe, learning in a good environment is very important. Good lightings, spacious, a bit of colour, lots of space for them to chuck their 'stuffs' around, leg space, clean floors, super cold air conditioning, plenty of whiteboard space so that they can see the layout of the lesson all at once. And not to forget an unlimited supply of sweets!

'Optimum Learning Environment'

solving TONNES of SPM Add Math questions all the time
Practice makes perfect, still the best policy in education. Young people nowadays are distracted by so many gadgets: Smartphone, Ipad, Itouch, PS2 & social network: Temple Run, Angry Bird, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. If they are left alone, i think 80% of them sunk under all the things above. So as a good teacher like me (self praise a bit), i  will prepare tonnes of SPM questions and force them to do in class, right in front of me. Actually this is how i train up all the A+ student no matter how weak they are before. 

a smaller room for FREE extra classes
To push it further, we have extra classes every week. Since many said they can't study at home and prefer to study at my place, so we prepare a small and yet comfy room for them to do SPM TONNES of questions weekly. We do have a Seniors around to 'MOTIVATE' them, actually 'MOTIVATE' = 'shout at them if they are swaying away form the TONNES of questions'. Apparently the students appreciate it very much and sometimes will bring along food & snacks too. :)

This might be our new tagline
'Your Real Education Starts Here'

What do you think?

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