The Next Millionaire Tutor

This is a story of a young man who made his dreams come true as he aspired for something bigger, and made it happen. Here’s how it goes…

Austin Lau met a teacher by the name of Sai Mun in a center where he had tuition classes. He was one of the top add math student in his class. The relationship grew into one where the mentoring and guidance grew into a warm friendship.

He completed SPM and was at the crossroads of uncertainty when he felt he couldn’t get in anywhere. He couldn’t afford Taylor’s College and other privatized education in but he wanted to succeed badly. His struggle with being poor made it all the more difficult to realize his ambitions.

Words and guidance of his mentor sink in and it gave him hope. Sai Mun stressed the importance of perseverance and how much it takes to succeed in life. Its not luck or being fortunate that gets to where you want to go, but it is sheer hard work and the belief that you will get there.

His words accelerated Austin to push harder and get in without taxing his parents and avoid burdening them. He chose to take up STPM and finally got into UM and his course is Real Estate Management.

While he is busy with his classes and assignments in the morning, he is even busier with his teaching of add math tuition every evening, earning him more than RM5000 monthly. He and Sai Mun has opened up a tuition agency and helping many students to in Add Math. He plans recruit 100 teachers this year and buy a property each year and slowly increase his investment portfolio to 2 million before the age of 30.  

Mr Sai Mun did not help him by giving him the opportunity to succeed but he brought out the potential in Austin and made him realize that he could attain all the opportunities that came his way.

written & edited by Ms Anjali

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  2. I am really impressed with the story above. I really wish that I can receive the same guidance....

    I have been tutoring on part time basis of and on for few years, I have never fail to guide my students to obtain grade A in Maths and Add Maths... yet I always find myself unable to get new students as I am really poor in advertising myself.

    I have parents ready to provide testimonials on my services yet I am unable progress further...

    Wishing for the same guidance light as Austin Lau received.


  3. Hi Nick,

    Feel free to e-mail us ,

    I'm sure we can find some ways to cooperate

    Warm Regards,
    Mr Sai Mun