SPM 2011 Results = My Report Card Day

OMG! SPM 2011 Results Day! It was not only for the SPM candidates, but also a report card day for teachers, parents and most schools. It reflects what we did in the Year 2011. Did we do it right? Have we covered everything? Did we left anyone behind? The results show whether our efforts and hard work turns into fruition, and what we can do to improve further and aim higher. Must be better next year!

 The Percentage of A's

It took us some time to call and SMS each student and ask for their results. Many proudly said, 'A+ larr, Abuden!' , and some told me 'Sorry sir only A, no A+' and some just to shy to state their results. Well, we are very proud of the ones who scored A+ and we appreciate the many hours of effort those who didn't make it. What matters is you have given your best! and Thank You.

For SPM 2011, chances of getting A+ for Add Math is definitely higher for my Students, follow up closely by Chemistry and Physics. We are looking forward to achieved a high percentage for Biology as we are just started Form 5 Biology this year. SPM 2012... here we come again!

 A+ Students Names to be pasted on the Wall of Fame

Every year we paste names of the top students up, many promised me that they will make it on the wall :D, and many made it. Often, the juniors will be inspired and motivated to strive higher and better. Its achievable and its definitely possible, its not whether the student is talented or not, its whether you put in much effort into it.

Most of the my students come from Sekolah Menengah Kepong Baru and some from Sri KDU, Sri Hartamas and Bandar Utama. Its been such an honour to teach them tuition for Chemistry, Physics, Add Math and Math. Thank you to the devoted teachers from their schools, committed parents and also generous teachers from other states.

 a Facebook wall post by Sarah

Awwww.... Last time, they write us a card or a thank you note, nowadays, they 'wallpost' us :) which i think is pretty cool. When someone tells us that we are doing the right thing, we are more motivated to go further and reach out to more students, parents and teachers.
 Tiffany Khoo left a wall post 

They came and they leave, what they carry with them is the subject knowledge, memories of how we taught in class, the sound of classmates laughing, and blur images of the teacher who might have touched their life.

awesome-ness :D

Simple Study Tips for SPM 2012
Chemistry - Memorise memorise memorise
Physics - Understand Understand memorise
Add Math - Practices Practice Practice x10
Math - Practice Practice Practice
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