We Believe in Rewarding Our Students

Every student needs motivation from teachers or parents. Its similar to sportsman and soccer players, they need motivation too from their coaches and agents.

This time for mid year exam, i came out with a very simple reward system. Highest in the form gets RM 50 and highest in the class or 91% and above gets RM 10. To show how much we appreciate your effort to study the subjects we are teaching you and we have high hopes of you getting an A+.

For those who did not get it, you can try for the coming Final Exams or Trial Exams.

they are no smart or stupid students...
only hardworking and determined students and students who are just plain lazy
congratulations to all who scored highest in the school for Physics, Chemistry and Add Math

so proud of all of you.... they come SM Kepong Baru, SM Kepong (Ulu), SM Sinar Bintang, Sri Sapura Smart School, SM Taman Bukit Maluri and many other schools who are not in this list.
we only give away RM 50 and RM 10.
RM 100 maybe for end of this year :)

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