Universal Studio Singapore

during the June holidays, i was planning a trip down to Singapore. My close friend suggested to go to Universal Studio Singapore. I didn't know this place exist until my friend told me about it. The tickets are a bit pricey as we went on the weekends plus school holidays, but its worth every single cents.

the great universal studio world right at the entrance.
Tickets are sold out for that day and everyone is posing in front of this sphere.

Jurassic Park was one of the many theme park in it.
If you are there, you won't miss Madagascar, Far Far Away Land, Galactica, Waterworld and Mummy Returns.

They have many movie's character walking around for you to take picture with
Kungfu Panda was my favourite :)
As you stroll around you will be able to see Shrek, Marilyn Monroe, Frankenstein and many more

There are roller coaster rides, special effects shows, waterworld stunt show, dance performance and many many more... one day is definitely not enough to explore this fantasy world

should plan your after SPM class trip to come here :)

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