mr Sai Mun SPM Tips 2009 Accurate

Physics and Chemistry SPM 2009 is just over and we estimated about 71% accuracy for the SPM 2009 and the comments says it all. Thank you for those who left comment as a token of appreciation. All the best in your future endeavors.

Click here if you want to track back SPM Chemistry Tips 2009 and SPM Physics Tips 2009

MeiBebE: sir, ur tips really came out. tq so much.
9 Dec 09, 13:21

ByBob: mr sai mun, i was so worried about chem, luckily u posted the tips up and help me a lot.
9 Dec 09, 11:46

Antony: thanks a lot for ur tips... hope that it will semua KENA (for chem also) ... haha!
7 Dec 09, 19:56
mic: thanks a lot! xD
7 Dec 09, 12:16
anthony: oh ya.. before i forgot, ur tips are very helpful to me. i think my paper gonna be ok. thanks once again.
5 Dec 09, 14:32
Ryan: Thank you very much for ur physics tips sir quite alot realy comeout.
4 Dec 09, 18:12
lissa: thanks for the tips ya^^ hmmm.. for physics, how many marks can get A?
4 Dec 09, 11:54
miru: yo, teacher. I think partially your spot really came out, and thanks for the sp0t yah.
3 Dec 09, 19:34
ky: thanks sir for the tips. appreciate it!
3 Dec 09, 19:25
kar yee: sir your tips really helped! thanks a lot :D
3 Dec 09, 17:14
Sam: Thanks Sir
2 Dec 09, 14:18
Carol: Ur tips kena tepat. thanks.
2 Dec 09, 11:29
BerryBerryEasy: Hi Mr Soong, I stumbled upon your site while I was blogwalking on education sites in Malaysia. I must say that your blog is one of the few that really matters in terms of usefulness and originality...

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