SPM 2009 Physics Tips

Updated till 4 December 2009 (Thursday)
Congratulations! for those who have survived the Physics paper and Score it. Still waiting for the real paper tomorrow to calculate the percentage of accuracy and will give out the Paper 1 Answers soon. So far so good.
Paper 2
Section A (Structured)
Q1. Measuring Instrument, Error, Smallest Division
Q2. Forces, Triangle of forces, F=ma, Energy
Q3. Latent Heat and Heat Capacity, Calculation, Evaporation
Q4. Pressure
SPM 2009, depth, calculation, explain
Q5. Interference pattern and refraction of wave
Q6. V=IR, parallel circuit, calculations
Q7. Logic gates with transistor circuit SPM 2009
Q8. Radioactivity, Half Life, Graph, Equation
SPM 2009

Section B (Essay and Modification)
Q9. Lenses, Refraction, Mirror, Microscope
SPM 2009 Sec A
Q10. Electromagnetic Induction, Solenoid, AC/DC Generator SPM 2009 Sec A

Section C (Essay and Suitability)
Q11. Radioisotopes detection, usage, detector
SPM 2009
Q12. Archimedes Principle, boat / hydrometer / tanker
Paper 3
Section A (Taking measurements and Graph)
Q1. Resistance, Voltmeter, Graphs, Table
Q2. Optics graph, calculate, gradient, focal length
Q2. Heat capacity graph, calculate, gradient, focal length

Section B (Memorise experiment)

Q1. Refraction of water waves
Q2. Gas laws, Boyle’s Law
SPM 2009 P2 or Charles Law
7 Most Important Must Study Physics Essay + Experiment
1. AC and DC Generator
SPM 2009 with Rectification
2. Radioisotopes usage and application in industry
SPM 2009
3. Built Microscope and Telescope with Ray DiagramSPM 2009
4. Current, Power and Transmission of Electric
5. Compare Heat Capacity
SPM 2009 and Thermometer
6. Experiment: Strength of Solenoid & Factors
SPM 2009
7. Experiment: Buoyant force & Volume of water displace
pls check back for more last minutes updates. wishing you all many many A+


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  1. thank you so much, saimun..my kids are so happy..hope it helps..^^