Tahniah or They R Just Teasing You?

Recently, the government has just released the full list of NS candidates. NS = National Service = Khimat Negara. A lot used SMS and many tried the website that does not work. Many was shocked that they are selected and few was dissappointed cos they r not selected.
Tahniah!?!? they must be kidding

You are one of the lucky ones and they say maaf.
Personally, i don't see the point of this NS. They need to spend 3 long months in a camp, supervised by whom? Are they professionals? Or they just want to make money? From what i heard the organisers are laughing to the bank. The only plus point of NS is to create national unity which i totally understand, but why you need a 3 months camp to do it, why can't you do it in school already. Shouldn't this 'National Unity' idea come from Sejarah and Pendidikan Moral in school. Is the government saying these 2 subjects are just a waste of time and a total failure.
Malaysian students are already graduating older than the rest of the world. Many candidates whom has been selected will have to delay their Pre-U by 6 months or worst 1 year. What are those people thinking? Are they producing smarter and stronger individuals to bring up the country or just use them as a tool to make money for themself.

People .. start thinking.

How to defer?
Enrol yourself into a college or university. Get a letter from the college or university stating that you need to study starting Jan. I'm sure they have a standard template right now. And send your letter to the goverment. Keep your finger crossed.
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