Cikgu Belanja

A day at the mamak.
Its been sometime since i treat this good bunch of students. I did say they can order whatever they feel like it, and if you look closely at the pictures... you can see food and drinks you never knew you can find in a mamak. it was a pleasant surprise. : )

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves very very much

The green thing = Ice Blended Kiwi = Green Colouring with Fake Esters
The girl in yellow shirt, that's Jia Mei aka Forever Hungry aka Bandaraya 2009
One Happy Boss Serving Us

A long long bill. Worth every single penny of mine.

Location: Menjalara, Al Barkath.
Students: Tuition at MOSS, Medan Putra. 90% Potential Straight A1's Students from SMKB, SMSB amd SMTBM.

Wish you all the best in SPM and Thank You for being such a good bunch of students and yet very unique.
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  1. LOL! wun let ya dissapointed =) hahas

  2. phew..luckily im part of the 90%.
    Hahah! Thank you for the treat !