Thoughts About Monash University Malaysia - from a student's perspective


Uni life is supposed to be the best time of your life, but sometimes you can't help but wonder: 'Is this really what I've signed up for?' As a student in Monash University Malaysia, I've realised a few things since I started:

FOOD (aka the most important part of uni life)
  • The school cafeteria should never be an option for you (seriously don’t do that to yourself)
  • If you’re just looking for a snack go for toast it’s affordable and amazing!!
  • Most students end up eating at Rock Cafe or SMR but if you’re a baller feel free to go for the more pricey places around Sunway
  • Sunway College cafeteria is also an option for you if you don’t mind the walk on the canopy walk, in the middle of the day, with the hot sun blazing okay nvm

COURSE (based entirely on my experience in the latest pha_ _ _ _ _ course)
  • Most of the lectures are based on pre-lecture material that you should complete during the weekend (ha ha ha)
  • Really? This amount of money for me to self study???
  • It's not a bad way to get us to become independent learners I have to admit BUT I really wish they’d told me before I enrolled though (not like I could’ve gone anywhere else but it’s good to be prepared?)
  • Lectures are well….lectures unless the lecturer is really engaging BUT GO TO YOUR LECTURES because some lecturers won’t upload the slides anywhere even though they don’t have any reason to do so

  • There’s pretty much everything here and most of them are well-maintained (except for the gym maybe) and most venues come with a booking system which is easily accessible for students who wish to reserve a spot
  • Parking around the campus is always going to be an issue so let's not bother
  • The library is a conducive environment to study but during exam period you gotta be prepared to fight for a seat because they’re that limited
  • Some people fail to understand the concept of a ‘quiet zone’ but that’s alright because physical assault is generally frowned upon you’re the bigger person
  • The campus is undergoing MAJOR renovation set to finish by the end of 2017 and the projected result is looking good!!
  • There is always some sort of event happening in campus if you're looking for an exciting uni life!

  • Most of the staff I’ve dealt with are actually really nice and helpful if you’re willing to ask but it’s a huge uni so don't expect everyone to be kind
  • You’re gonna meet a variety of lecturers here most of the ones that taught me are very dedicated but some of them can’t seem to find the time to reply any emails about the class so there’s that 😶

Okay that’s about it from me for now I'll keep you guys updated (if I don't get into trouble for this)

Written by: John Doe (an alias duh)

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