Class Full Joh ....

PTI aka Pusat Tuisyen Indah: When i counted the 1st time it was 70 students. We started with about 40+ students, and then suddenly 20+ new students came. Words must have got around. So there you've it... 70. No worries, we'll split the class soon. They are a good bunch of students a bit noisy when i'm not around but pretty serious and quiet when i start teaching an doing work. Keep it up you all.

Solving SPM 2004 questions about Inertia, Form 4 stuff.
They are already learning how to score 17 marks in SPM Physics Paper 3

Just taken over the Chemistry Form 4.
They are cranking the calculations for number of moles and Avogadros constant.
If you are too far from my classes, maybe i can pass you the notes. I've copies of my notes that was used by Straight 12 A1's student. If you want it just contact me. Take Care!
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