STPM is hell compared to SPM, actually it is less than a hell compared to last time. If you are a student reading this, you might want to prepare yourself for the worst. But, if you are a parent reading this, please do send your child to STPM because in order to excel in life, you need to endure hell first, thus STPM is the best place for your child to grow in every aspect of life.

SPM has very wide array of subjects for you to choose and to take, with a minimum requirement of 9 subjects, and must pass Sejarah (History) and Bahasa Melayu (BM). However, STPM also has a wide array of subjects, but you only can take 4 subjects, maximum 5, and that is enough to drain the living soul out of you. 

Here is a summarised list of SPM and STPM below:

  • can easily get A and A+ despite of the implementation of KBAT
  • can study last minute, but still get good results.
  • passing marks is quite low due to the sheer number of students who are sitting for this paper.
  • one exam for two years of syllabus.
  • got plenty of free time to do other things.
  • must study at least 9 subjects, can take more than that. (no limit)
  • it is the basic, very basic.
  • even if you put in a lot of hard-work, it is not enough, you must put in A LOT of hardwork to get an A for a subject.
  • if you study last minute, prepare to re-seat.
  • yes, you can re-seat for once. 
  • passing marks is not so low.
  • three semesters, three exams, the duration of each semester is approximately half a year.
  • coursework is compulsory.
  • MUET
  • must take four subjects minimum, five subjects maximum (if there are more, you might have the thought of committing suicide)
  • co-curricular activities are worth ten percent of the entire result, ninety percent to your papers. In other words, co-curricular activities are quite important.
  • Pengajian Am (General Studies) is a compulsory subject to pass and to take.
  • it is a treachery, a very good place to train yourself, intensive.
4 subjects only... Easy lah. NO! Four subjects can destroy your soul. The short span of time of a semester and a huge amount of knowledge to be learned, multiply by four. Many nights needed to be burned for the syllabus and the coursework (for semester 2, mostly). 

The teachers of both syllabus are more or less the same, the effort is lacking from some teachers (most), at best you would get half of the good teachers (teachers who really teach) and half of the bad teachers (those who come in and play with their phones, or just do not know what they are teaching). But, if you are really unlucky, you would get all the bad teachers at one shot. Then, it is up to you to strive for the best, it is also the most imperative way for you to grow, to ask for help, to be a better you. In SPM you can study yourself and still understand everything, but STPM is a place for you to not only strive for success by yourself, but to also go in a group to the pathway of success, because you can not do everything by yourself.

But, if you can get four flat (straight As) for STPM, you deserve to be respected. For SPM, even if you take 11 or 12 A+, you are still quite mediocre. 

In toto, 

If you really do not know what to take for your tertiary studies, go for STPM. 

Forget about SPM, it is going to turn into a speck of dust in the past, when you are further in life, you would think that SPM is too easy once you entered STPM, but make sure you must excel in SPM because it is the basics. However, do not assume that STPM is the same as SPM, using the same attitude to face both exams is idiotic, you must put in a lot more effort in STPM compared to SPM.

Weaved by: Zeckrom Bryan

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