Having my lunch slash tea time at irregular patterns had been part and parcel of my life, this was certainly unhealthy from many facets of my well-being. Not only I felt like shit after having my lunch, but also during my lunch, when I was munching down those food, my system was attempting to regurgitate, I was wearied up to a phase where my mouth was tired of chewing and my system had the endeavor to shut down completely, if not the waves of pain would be promulgated in my head.

Hungry, tired. That was the two words that should not come together, they would create the perfect mess for your life style. The insidious effect was not prominent at first, but in a few more consecutive times, my body was flipped upside down, casting the agonising infernal pain to my body as a signal for me to rest. 

My hands were quivering when I was devouring the food at a fast pace, I was too hungry, and tired at the same time. i did not chew properly, obviously. Feeling slightly rejuvenated, the anguish sent my head to the bottomless pits of nadir, mercilessly. There was a bulbous lump of pain engulfing my head wholly, my body nonetheless, I suppressed my pain, foot the bill, and got home.

I watched some videos to divert my head ache, to no avail. I went to bathe, accentuating the pain gradually. Some sleep would always help. No, it did not, at all, it highlighted the jarring grate happening in my head. I picked up my phone, played some music, it did not work. I picked up some books to study, the situation worsened. I shouted in pain, letting everything out, the stress, the pressure, the pain, the negativity, the complaints, the inner voice shouting for freedom.

That ceased a little of my pain, I slept, woke up with a tethering head ache, shanghaied me into not doing anything, crunching myself into a cocoon, hugging the pain, with nobody to share with, to tell to. 

Weaved by : Zeckrom Bryan

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