10 Things You Miss Most About High School

1. Free periods
Now, we all know that school is an institution for learning, but one cannot deny the relief that washes over when you find out that your teacher didn't come in today. Yay, 30-minute pasar!

2. Cheap food prices
Okay, so canteen food can be kinda gross (and possibly toxic) and you also run the risk of having food poisoning, but those prices man. One thing they don't tell you about college is how expensive food can be. But in school, it's RM1 for a packet of Keropok Lekor. And come on, RM2 for a full bowl of noodles? SOLD!

3. Gossiping/Chit-chatting
Who is dating who, cat fights and drama. Yes, it's a pretty unhealthy activity but come on, let's be real: who doesn't love a piece of juicy gossip?

4. Having your friends around
This is probably the thing you miss most about being in school. Your brothers from another mothers and soul sisters. They cry, laugh and go through everything with you. They say the best friendships in life are the ones you make in high school; they are right.

5. PJK
Volleyball sessions and football! And if sports ain't your thing, you get yet another free period of just lazing around. What's not to love?

6. Sports Day
The biggest event of the year! Sports teams vying for champion, the colourful buntings. Let us not forget the hectic weeks leading up to the big day when we'd prepare props and the formations for marching. Ah, you could almost hear the crowd cheering…

7. Holidays
And who could forget those periods of bliss? No homework or assignments to deal with. And! You have the option of sleeping through the alarm clock. The holidays are made that much sweeter after weeks of class, and by the time it ends, you're all pumped up to go back to school!

8. Lepak-ing
The final bell rings and you're out of the door in a heartbeat. Nothing beats idle afternoons spent talking at McDonalds, having lunch together or having an impromptu football match in the padang behind school.

9. Teachers
Hate them, love them it doesn't matter. We cannot deny that teachers make up a great deal of our time in school, and you'll always remember them. Both the good and the bad.

10. Just being there
Say what you will, but we cannot deny that a small part of us misses those days rushing for last minute homework so that the teacher will spare your merit points. (Demerit 5 markah!) Or pushing away your fringe so that the prefects wouldn't catch you during perhimpunan. Our experiences may vary according to where we went, but we'll always come to identify as being part of that school. And we'll always be able to call it home.

What the the 10 things YOU miss most about being in high school? Let us know below!

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