No Regrets Studying in a Public School

After completing UPSR, I insisted stubbornly that I will NOT enrol into a public school because of their rumoured 'Low-Standards'. In the end, it wasn't bad at all and I definitely have NO regrets spending 5 secondary school years being a part of this Family.

  1. We really make 1Malaysia a reality.
    Squeezing in for a shot only to realize it always become a 1Malaysia group photo happens frequently. What blew my mind was that I never thought anyone in school can be making racist jokes to each other and still laugh it off. It's an amazing feel and experience of diversity. As clich as it is, studying in a government school really fostered interactions and understanding among people of different backgrounds.
  2. Learning (how to curse) in a different language.
    It's a learning process but not exactly educational. But who knew "Saya tak ade KUNCI" could be made into a joke. Chinese jokes and curses are the worst because they always involve your "MOTHER".
  3. Free Periods.
    Free periods are the best. When your prayers are answered and the teacher is absent, everyone cheers in class. Fortunately, for most cases, substitute teachers if by hard luck they arrive, are usually not very smart and let us do whatever we want. They also allow us to break from class early sometimes, giving us extra recess or break time.
  4. Teachers.
    Don't assume public school teachers are less capable than those at private schools. Some teachers chose to teach in a public school because they desire to teach ALL kids. There are teachers who make lessons fun and leave a lasting impression on students for life.
  5. Canteen food is cheap.
    Cheap doesn't necessarily mean it serves with a big portion and taste really good. But it's cheap and good enough to have a long line of students buying them. Plus, it's just to fill your stomach until school ends.
  6. Fees.
    In a public school, students are entitled with free education although some of the teachers may not be as capable as those in private schools. So, we go for tuition to feed on what wasn't taught properly in school. On the contrast, students from private schools pay heaps of money to educate themselves and still go for tuition(s), incurring extra costs. Monetary wise, public schools save a lot more.
  7. Freedom (usually at the back of the classroom)
    Just like any other schools, freedom may not exist if your teacher is a strict one. But if you do get the teacher that isn't all that strict, you have the freedom to not pay attention in class, to fall asleep or play tic-tac-toe in the textbook. Sitting behind the classroom, the teacher doesn't call on you, you can hide and text in class, you can play games quietly, you can sleep or gossip in whispers. For me, personally, the hours spent behind the classroom were some of the best hours I spent in school. I'm sure they are so for others too.
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