4 Ways to Choose the Right Tuition Centre

Undeniably, tuition has been, and still is one of the main topics of interest in Malaysia. With all of the different tuition centres in our country right now, it's difficult for parents to make their decision about which tuition centre to choose for their children. Here are 4 aspects you should factor in before making a decision. 

1. Tutor's Ability 

This goes without saying because a tutor is the person putting in all the effort to help your child. With a tutor that is experienced in teaching the subject like ex-teachers, and equipped with the ability to connect with the students, your child is sure to obtain success in his/her studies. 

2. Class Size

It is scientifically proven that a smaller class size improves the ability of students in a class. That is because the tutor can pay more individual attention to each student to clear their doubts. The environment in a commercialized tuition centre is like a school, crowded and loud, which can hinder the students' learning progress.

3. Notes

Most, if not all, tuition centres provide notes to their students nowadays. However, what separates the great tuition centres from the mediocre ones is the quality of the notes. A good set of notes should convey information efficiently, but not be bland and boring like a school textbook. 

4. Learning Style & Needs

Everyone has their preferred learning style; be it auditory, visual or kinaesthetic. A great centre should not only encompass all 3, but also be able to cater to each student's needs. Choose a tuition centre with tutors that can understand and tackle the academic problems your child is facing. 

Hope this guide is able to help you make the right decision to ensure your child's success!

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